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<script async defer src="https://apis.google.com/js/api.js"       onload="this.onload=function(){};handleClientLoad()"       onreadystatechange="if (this.readyState === 'complete') this.onload()">     </script> ?>
// Enter an API key from the Google API Console:
//   https://console.developers.google.com/apis/credentials
var apiKey = '**********';
// Enter the API Discovery Docs that describes the APIs you want to
// access. In this example, we are accessing the People API, so we load
// Discovery Doc found here: https://developers.google.com/people/api/rest/
var discoveryDocs = ["https://people.googleapis.com/$discovery/rest?version=v1"];
// Enter a client ID for a web application from the Google API Console:
//   https://console.developers.google.com/apis/credentials?project=_
// In your API Console project, add a JavaScript origin that corresponds
//   to the domain where you will be running the script.
var clientId = '**************.apps.googleusercontent.com';
// Enter one or more authorization scopes. Refer to the documentation for
// the API or https://developers.google.com/people/v1/how-tos/authorizing
// for details.
var scopes = 'profile';
var authorizeButton = document.getElementById('authorize-button');
var signoutButton = document.getElementById('signout-button');
function handleClientLoad() {
    // Load the API client and auth2 library
    gapi.load('client:auth2', initClient);
function initClient() {
        apiKey: apiKey,
        discoveryDocs: discoveryDocs,
        clientId: clientId,
        scope: scopes
    }).then(function () {
        // Listen for sign-in state changes.
        // Handle the initial sign-in state.
function updateSigninStatus(isSignedIn) {
    if (isSignedIn) {
    } else {
        vm.showModal = true;
function handleAuthClick(event) {
function handleSignoutClick(event) {
// Load the API and make an API call.  Display the results on the screen.
function makeApiCall() {
        'resourceName': 'people/me',
        'requestMask.includeField': 'person.names'
    }).then(function (resp) {
        vm.showModal = false;
        vm.loader = false;
        vm.user_id = resp.result.names[0].metadata.source.id;        


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